East Coast FPV Club 2019-20 membership now open.

This year we plan to improve by:

  • Cutting the grass every month (at least the months of good weather)
  • Building new movable gates
  • Create a pits area protected from the track
  • Put new tables for pilots
  • Organize a league to compete against the other members
  • Full

  • 125Yearly
  • (Requires MACI membership*)

    Full-time use of the club site & facilities (24/7 access)

    Access to East Coast FPV League

    All Club Events

  • Limited

  • 25Yearly
  • (Requires MACI membership*)

    Club Events / Open Days

    This is intended for:
    ▪ Pilots that are not in the close vicinity of the club grounds, but still would like to join occasionally.
    ▪ Pilots who want to be member of the club just to get MACI

* MACI is the Model Aeronautic Council of Ireland and provides the insurance to fly in all the clubs around Ireland. The price is: €75 for Senior and €15 for juniors. (http://maci.ie)